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Hitachi iH-210 Currency Discriminator 3-pocket Currency Sorter

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Hitachi iH-210 Currency Discriminator Counter 3-pocket Currency Sorter Bank Grade

Hitachi iH-210 is an advanced 3-pocket banknote processing sorter machine with maximized efficiency technology. Designed for mixed denominations, the adjustable counting speed allows counting of both new and unfit banknotes with several sorting features. The Hitachi iH-210 includes a touch screen interface, user friendly operation, and easy maintenance. It comes equipped with a range of counterfeit detection technologies. Capture and Record of OCR, MICR and Barcode can be installed for more than 32 currencies. Multi-currency mode (Up to 16 currencies can be counted at once).

Counterfeit Detection: Dual full-color CIS, Full Line MG, IR, UV (reflection and transmission), & Tape Detection Sensor
Features: Multi-currency and Mix mode
Serial Number Recognition and Printing: Up to 1,000 notes/min
Connectivity: LAN (PC and upgrades), RS232C Serial Port x 3 (2 x external display and 1 x serial printer), USB Host (upgrade), USB Device x 2 (PC)

Applicable Currencies: 32 Currencies
Denomination Detection: Dual full-color CIS, MG, IR, UV
Counting Speed: Counting: 1,300 NPM
Value: 1,200 NPM
Thickness of currencies: 0.08-0.12mm
Hopper Capacity: 1,000 Notes
Size of currencies: W: 100-180mm, H: 60-90mm
Stacker Capacity: 2 x 300 Notes (max.)
Dimensions: 382(W) x 417(D) x 340(H)mm
Reject Capacity: 200 Notes (max.)
Net Weight: 21kg
Feed System: Friction Roller
Power supply: 100-240V ~ 50/60

Display: 5 inch TFT LCD touch-screen display
Power Consumption: 134W


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