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Currency Discriminators

Currency Discriminators

Currency Discriminator

Mixed Money Counters / Mixed Bill Counter / Currency Discriminator

 Great for use in all types of 
cash counting businesses!

A Currency Discriminator or Mixed Bill-Money Counter, can count and sort mixed denominations of currency fast and accurately. By scanning and identifying the denomination of each bill, these mixed money counters will automatically add and display the total dollar amount of the stack being counted. The use of a Currency Discriminator eliminates the need to presort bills prior to counting. Just drop in a batch of mixed bills, no matter the denomination or which they are facing, and it will quickly count them and give you a total amount, and it can also tell you how many bills of each denomination. Currency Discriminators come in one and two pocket models. With the two pocket units, one can sort out individual bills, and face or orientate bills with no need to stop during the process, as those bills are diverted to the second pocket. Counterfeit detection – IR, MG,UV, is standard on all our units.

(Lower 48 US states)

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