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Professional Money Counters at Very Competitive Prices.

Accuracy, efficiency, and dependability are vital to any cash accepting business, whatever their field or industry. We understand this at, which is why we provide high quality money counting and handling equipment for all types of businesses, at affordable prices. Whatever your cash handling needs, we can help you here with them.

Money Counter Machines

Money counters are machines that are used to count large amounts of cash, be it coins or paper currency, quickly, efficiently and accurately. They come in a variety of types and designs, each suited for different needs and environments. Money counter machines are often used by banks, credit unions, retailers, vending machine operators, dispensaries, amusement operators, casinos, laundromats, markets, car washes, in fact in any coin and currency accepting business. The usage of these various types of money counters can ensure the process of separating and accurately counting of coins and currency fast and quickly. Coin counters and coin sorters allow the easy counting, sorting, wrapping, counting of coins and tokens. Coin counters can also package or tube coins and come in both electric and manual models. Currency counters or bill counters allow for counting single denomination bills at a time and to detect counterfeit ones. Bills can also be counted in batches. A mixed money counter or currency discriminator, can identify and count mixed denominations of currency, detect counterfeit bills, sort bills, separate, batch, add, orient and face bills. These units allow for fast and accurate counting of large amounts of mixed bills. Most modern money counters are designed to be highly portable and easy to use, so they can be used on-the-go, for example, to count cash collected during events, markets or in-field cash collection points.

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