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Semacon CM-75 High Speed Coin Roll Wrapper Crimping Machine (Crimper)

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22.00 LBS
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Semacon CM-75 High Speed Coin Crimping System

The Semacon CM-75 Coin Roll Crimping System is designed to apply a professional closing seal to the open end of pre-crimped or flat style coin wrappers. It merely requires a couple of seconds to proficiently seal each coin wrapper. It is designed to work with a variety of wrapper styles in addition to the pre-crimped style, including inexpensive flat wrappers that need to be sealed on both ends.
Ease of Use The CM-75 is extremely easy to use. Insert the proper Crimp Head into the Crimping System, turn on the power and press the coin wrapper against the head. A couple of seconds later, you will have a professionally sealed coin wrapper.
The Crimper System will work with a variety of coin wrapper styles. However, best results will be obtained with shotgun shell style pre-crimped coin wrappers (always perform a sample test with other wrapper styles to confirm compatibility). Shotgun shell or precrimped style wrappers are the most efficient choice for the high speed wrapping of large volumes of coins.
The CM-75 can be ordered with your choice of Crimp Head sizes and in either 110VAC/60Hz or 220VAC/50Hz power options.
Crimp Heads are sold seperately (under Accessories) and are available in sizes for domestic and many foreign coins.
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Warranty Information

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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